We are so thankful to the foundations, businesses and individuals that donate to us each year. You make Theatre Project possible. You present emerging local companies, national and international tours and exciting new, experimental work to the people of Baltimore.

Below is a list of everyone who has honored Theatre Project with a donation in the past 18 months.  We try to keep this list as up-to-date and correct as possible, but if you see a mistake, please let us know by calling Chris at 410-539-3091 or e-mailing him at chris@theatreproject.org.

Philip Arnoult and Carol Baish
Bryce Butler and Mara Neimanis
Cantler Fund of Baltimore Community Foundation
George and Kathryn Chang
Claudia Ferrell and Robin Zeigler
Nancy Freyman
Anne and Tucker Fulwiler
The Harry L. Gladding Foundation
Michal Roxie Johnson
Rachel Leah Klein
The Lois and Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund
Bob Lienhardt and Barbara Leons
Steve Mangano and Janice Hedemann
Jonathan and Lorraine Hirsch
Gary and Michelle Pasternack
Bill and Bev Pfingsten
Rich and Michelle Pfingsten
Robert Prince
Elizabeth and Orbie Shively
Paul and Emily Singer: The Singer Family Foundation
The William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund

$250 to $499
Mary Azrael
Constance Caplan
Dianne Connelly
Mimi Cooper
Pat Dzierwinski
Joan Freedman and Richard Lamson
Iva Gillet
Sarva and Veena Girdhar
Charlie Gjerde
Gigi Huberman
Susan Foster McCarter
Carol Newill and Joseph Schamp
Chris, Cathy, and Cale Pfingsten
Jill VanDewoestine
Craig Phillips and Susan Wait
Helen and Wayne Waskey
John Waters

$100 to $249 
Kibibi Ajanku
Martha Ardren
George and Tina Beneman
Bridget Bentz and Michael Sizer
Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Florence Berdann
Brenda Bodian
Neal and Winifred Borden
Natalya Brusilovsky
Martina Callum, M.D.
Janet and William Cantler
Vic Carter
Carol Cathcart
George Ciscle and Richard Cleaver
John Conley
Lammot and Leslie Copeland
Anne Culbertson
Chuck Dann and Helen Szablya
Donna DiSciullo
Sharon Donovan
Robert Brady Duval, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Edinger, Jr.
Will Englund and Kathy Lally
Marjorie Forster
Ted Frankel
Fred Forsythe and Gail Geller
Bill Gilmore
Stanley and Marilyn Gabor
Cathererine Gira
Judith and Charlie Goedeke
Scott Hahn
Elise Hancock
Katherine Hancock and Philip Porter
Sarah Hamilton
Stan and Betsy Heuisler
Jeffrey Ide
Craig and Betty Kerr
Kendra and Jonathan Kopelke
Fred and Jonna Lazarus
Peter Leffman
Cathy and George Lips
Robert Edward Lyness
Naoko Maeshiba
Rosemary Malone
Tracy McQuirter
Janice Miller and Dian Perrin
Tanya Murray
Kara Osborn
April and Sidney Pink
Bill and Tamara Pullman
George Remmers
Arnold and Monica Sagner
Nancy and John Sandbower
Charles Shafer
Wendy Rambo Shuford
Hugh and Janet Sisson
Lesley and Erik Svenson
Jay Ulrich
Autumn Van Ord
Jill VanDewoestine
Geraldine Waters
Somerset and Wieslawa Waters
Lorraine and Markell Whittlesey
John C. Wilson

$1 to $99

Rabab Al-Amin
Jenifer Alonzo
Tracy Ardren
Lila Bakke
Lyssandra Barbieri
Sarah Barnes
Eric Beatty
Lane Berk
Bernard and Judith Berkowitz
John and Mary Brandenburg
Joseph Briggs and Sarah Wolfenden
James Brown
LindaJoy Burke
Roger and Mina Brunyate
Susan Burk
Brigid Butler
Phil Campbell & Jann Rosen-Queralt
David Clark
Jody Cutler
Albert DeSalvo
Heather Dorst and Michael Phillips
Lawrence and Paula Dube
Raymond and Joy Ehrlich
Rich Espey
Sandra Falconer
Edward Fenendael
Jean Ferretti
Catherine Frazer
Joanne Frederick
Denise “Kumani” Gantt
Lance Gifford and Margy McCampbell
Richard Goldberg
Gwen Grastorf
Charles Gravitz
Heide Grundmann
Yvonne Hardy-Phillips
Penny Harris
Krislyn Hayes
Patricia Hogeland
Guy Hollyday and Pamela Fleming
Robin Hurwitz
Caprece Jackson-Garrett
Paula Jaworski
Amy Johanson
Joyce Keating
Carolyn Keleman
Melissa Koerner
Lateef Lawal
Jamie Leo
Harold Levin
Elliot Lieberman
Nancy Linden
Paul and Mary Long
Harriet Lynn
Ebby and Dick Malmgren
Constance Mason
Sally McCann
David Mercier
Ina Mininsohn
James Morris
Evette Moore
Anne Moss
David and Susan Nelson
Joseph Odum
Jennifer O’Grady
Robert Pawloski
Leonard Proctor
William and Jennifer Railing
Alma Roberts
Carolyn Roberts
Jean Rosheim
Sonia Schaefer
Kathy Schnell
Robert Silberman
Arthur and Linda Stuempfle
Richard Swaim
Yasuoki and Chiyuki Tanaka
Chris Taylor and Thom Shipley
Lorraine Terry
Vincent E. Thomas
Tom Wilson
Edie Weintraub
Mary Williamson
Stanley and Anne Wilson
Beverly Winter
Janette Witmyer
Jill Wood
Mary Ellen Zorbaugh

Government Support
Mayor Catherine Pugh and the City Council of Baltimore
Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts
Baltimore County Commission on the Arts and Sciences
Maryland State Arts Council
National Endowment for the Arts

Corporate Support
Alexander’s Tavern
Corning Incorporated Foundation
The Fitzgerald Parking Garage
Ryleigh’s Oysters
Soup’s On
SPUR Design
Union Craft Brewing

Theatre Project is funded in part by The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, creator of The Baker Artist Portfolios, www.BakerArtist.org

Theatre Project is funded by an operating grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive.

Theatre Project is funded by Mayor Catherine and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts.

Theatre Project is funded by an operating grant from the Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences.

Thank you!

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