Typically, each side of the stage is hung with four full-length black legs.  We also have a full-size black scrim and a full-size white cyclorama that can be hung for your company.

Black Border 3’ x 40’
Black Scrim 12’9” x 10’10”
Black Star Drop
Black Curtain 6’ x 7’4”
Full Black 25’4” x 20’9”
Full Black 26’ x 20’
2 Black Curtains 12’ x 26’
3 Black Curtains 9’6” x 26’ one of them in poor condition
Red Grand Drape 14’ x 13’ poor condition
Cream Satin 18’ x 17’7” webbing but no grommets
White Cyc 30′ x 18′
Black Scrim 28’6″ x 45′
Beige Border 32′ x 44″
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