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Naomi's Flight

In-Flight Theater

Thu February 21 - Sun March 3

Naomi’s Flight is a one woman aerial performance about aging and elder care that takes place on three asymmetrical suspended steel sculptures. Written and performed by Mara Neimanis, directed by Bryce Butler, sculptures by Tim Scofield, Naomi’s Flight reveals the love story of George, an 80 year old care giver, and his wife Naomi who has diabetes and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Naomi’s Flight is a powerful, personal, poetic, and humorous, journey into the courageous and upside down world of day to day living with these epidemic diseases and the inverted healthcare system that is in place to do so. Neimanis combines text with aerial choreography in creating environments, characters, and time.

“The most powerful and moving piece of theater I have ever seen” - Julia Pearson, artist, owner of MacMamma

"...a devastatingly wondrous piece..." - Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Naomi’s Flight is a bold and unstinting look at this disease, expressed in a visually stunning and emotionally powerful way." - Morgan Halvorsen, MD Theatre Guide

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Thursday Feb 21 11:00 pm
Friday Feb 22 11:00 pm
Saturday Feb 23 11:00 pm
Sunday Feb 24 6:00 pm
Thursday Feb 28 11:00 pm
Friday Mar 1 11:00 pm
Saturday Mar 2 11:00 pm
Sunday Mar 3 6:00 pm
Ticket Prices:
General Admission $20.00
Sen/Art/Mil $15.00
Student $10.00