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(insert title here) An evening with David London

A choose your own magical adventure

Fri May 17

Magician David London is up to new tricks! For his latest appearance at Theatre Project, David will allow the audience to create their own magical experience by choosing from a menu of potential tricks, routines, shows, stories, games, as well as several curious points of discussion including alchemy, surrealism, wonder, creativity and all forms of magic, magick and majik.

David will be prepared to present over 10 years of magical creations based on the preference of the audience, and the order in which they choose. David’s repertoire includes original pieces of magic which explore subjects ranging from the wonders of Wonder Bread, to thinking outside the box, loosing your train of thought, and psychic celebrity toenail clippings. No matter what happens, it will never happen again.

Don’t miss this unique magical event that will never happen the same way again. Experience the mind and work of David London as he takes you on a wonder-filled journey to someplace else…

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For more information on David London, please visit www.MagicOutsideTheBox.com

Tickets are available at the door beginning one hour before the show, or on-line by clicking below.

Friday May 17 11:00 pm
Ticket Prices:
VIP Seats - 1st two rows $30.00
General Admission $20.00
Student/Artist/Wizard $15.00